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Phase II: Activities of third parties automation community port

second phase automating the activities of the third-party community port

after the end of the construction phase of the port management system electronically will be performing third-party applications , and the port community system linked with the port in the second phase of the regulations associated with the activities of the foreign port.

1 - implementation of third-party applications in the client community port :

  • . Customs applications .
  • b . Applications, the control of exports and imports .
  • c . Applications maritime inspection / passports / police / quarantine .

2 - linkage with the client in the port community :

  • A - linkage system with the Customs Department .
  • b - linkage system with the control of exports and imports .
  • c - linkage with banks .
  • D - Implementation of an exchange of e-mails for ships and general cargo ..
  • e - Bank linkage with the shipping information .
      The second phase Vstahedv to extract billing mechanism and paid directly to the bank after which will reflect directly on the actions needed to exit of goods to the ship .

Phase I: Mechanization of the port activities

first phase automating the activities of the port

The development of all the activities of the port for ships and cargo in the cases of exports and imports and the following activities:

  • 1 - the movement of ships and guidance.
  • 2 - the movement of goods and passengers
  • 3 - revenue.
  • 4 - to control the gates of the port.
  • 5 - linking electronic scales system automated.

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