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About Red Sea Port Authority

  • About us
  • About us
  • About us

Overview on Red Sea Port Authority

originated General Authority for Red Sea Ports decision Presidential Decree No. ( 217 ) for the year 1978, which was quoted on its impact on the ownership of ports located on the shores of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the interests of ports and lighthouses to the General Authority for Red Sea Ports Presidential Decree No. ( 455 ) for the year 1986.


has issued Law No. ( 24) of 1983, which set the ports of the body and the fees and service charge , and you get body -peer services provided .


has granted Mr. Engineer / Transport Minister authority to modify the categories of settling accounts in the Law or add new ports or developed in proportion to the actual needs of the foreign trade volume of the ports authority .


also involved the Board of Directors in making decisions that can be developed from the performance of services or rates within the ports commensurate with the volume of work required .

Our Goal

  • Goal +

    With increasing global interest in maritime transport and sought Egypt's permanent for the development of this industry , the idea of ​​creating a website to support makers and decision-makers , planners and senior management is particularly interested in the field of maritime transport in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the world in general as provides services that cover this area of investment opportunities and statistics and studies and analyzes in addition to many important data and information and facilitate dealing with citizens through multiple statistics .
  • Location +

    Situated ports and marinas of the body along the coast of the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez and Aqaba The importance of these ports, and set it apart for being a window Arab Republic of Egypt to the Levant, where linking the Arab Republic of Egypt and a large number of Arab Mashreq countries and the countries of Almcherqin the Near and Far East Africa.
  • Excellence +

    The Ports Authority and anchorages in the prime location of the World Trade Centers in the world as well as for the capitals and cities of Lower Egypt, Cairo and near the ports of Hurghada and Safaga near the capitals and cities of Upper Egypt
  • Activity +

    the presence of ports and marinas specialized production areas near oil and mineral wealth such as oil, phosphate, manganese, talc and gypsum. As well as its proximity to the areas of tourism, religious and Islamic, Christian and Pharaonic, as well as marine tourism and natural reserves
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longer seaports of the most important sectors that contribute actively to support the national economy and growth , the port and the lung and the link for the exchange of trade and industry between nations and peoples , as it receives the bulk of imports and exports around the world , and so they have a direct impact on the stability of the domestic market , and its impact is also evident on all development plans and programs set by governments in all countries world .

and the ports of the Red Sea Ports Authority , and thankfully , long ago, a good reputation on the regional and international levels , because of its historic role in the movement of maritime commerce , and the role of another Muslim is to travel the pilgrims and witness its history it has succeeded in dealing with all the variables and the face of all the difficulties and challenges efficiently and effectively , has been characterized by its performance in all cases, sophistication and excellence .

our ports today have become economic entities integrated sustain and strengthen the national economy , interact with all world events , kept pace with all developments , steps off fixed toward new horizons , this trend has been accompanied by huge amounts of investment by the private sector to develop and modernize the ports of the General Authority for Red Sea Ports and managed and operated according to modern methods .

Chairman's Statement

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Admiral / Hesham Abou Sona

Chairman of the Board of Directors


our goal and our goal of this Website is to get close to you, and providing scientific information and General statistics for those interested in them and to emphasize our communion construction with you to join us and the development of maritime transport and move it than just thinking or Tmanaa to post a real give-and-benefit self and society and have to add in the tender continuous over the days ....






 Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors  Admiral Ali  Ali El Sherif

Admiral / Ali El Sherif

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors


where the role of the private is very large in the economic boom and knowledge in all states and communities to provide integrated solutions in line with the requirements of this day and age when we need to Converging cooperation and supervision of efforts to support the development of technology in the field of maritime transport ....


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