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International agreements


agreements between Egypt and the International Labour Organization

ILO conventions Navy ILO

1920 1982 2 22 , which has been ratified by Egypt : AD agreement No.

providing facilities to find work for sailors theme :

Ratification date : 2007


Agreements between Egypt and the International Maritime Organization

international agreements, Egypt and issued only for the International Maritime Organization IMO: the name of the Convention: the International Maritime Organization IMO

Date Deposit: 2002

the date of entry: 2007

(1) Construction and operatin agreements (Estalishment)

Management of international treaties and conventions

longer seaports of the most important sectors that contribute actively to support the national economy and its growth , the port and the lung and the link for the exchange of commercial and industrial between nations and peoples , as receiving the largest proportion of imports and exports around the world , and so they have a direct impact on the stability of the domestic market , and its impact is also evident on all development plans and programs set by governments in all countries of the world .     

and the ports of the Red Sea Ports Authority , and thankfully , long ago, a good reputation on the regional and international levels , because of its historic role in the movement of maritime commerce , and the role of another Muslim is travel pilgrims witnessing history they have succeeded in dealing with all the variables and the face of all the difficulties and challenges efficiently and effectively , has been characterized by its performance in all cases, sophistication and excellence .     

our ports today have become economic entities integrated sustain and strengthen the national economy , interact with all world events , kept pace with all developments , proceed steadily toward new horizons , this trend has been accompanied by investment huge sums by the private sector to develop and modernize the ports Authority for Red Sea Ports and managed and operated according to modern methods .

General Department for ports, followed by:

  • Vessel Movement Dept. Open or Close
    • to participate in the distribution of ships to various ports on the draft of specifications and the possibilities Onashha , according to the possibilities available in various ports .
    • identify the problems and difficulties encountered in the implementation of plans and programs for the movement of each port and submit proposals thereon .
    • evaluation of plans that relate to the movement in each port and propose amendments and development needed her .
    • review of systems and regulations that relate to the movement of ships and Arshad various acts diameter , Rabat and the number of necessary legislation to develop them .
    • receive daily reports on the dates of the arrival of ships to various ports , and reports of Taraki and unloading ships and clouds of various ports .
    • numbers models follow-up movement in the ports and provide their competent authorities .
  • Management of follow-up ports projects Open or Close
    • setting policy for the distribution of Egypt's foreign trade at the ports of the Republic by their needs and by port capacity and the risk of equipment import and export departments and various ports on a regular basis and follow up the implementation so as to achieve the most appropriate use of the possibilities of the Egyptian ports and prevents overcrowding and prioritize transferred in accordance with the requirements of the general policy of the state .
    • data collection contracts to various ministries and sectors affiliates with respect to imports and exports of the Republic and the scheduled timetable and follow the modifications done it .
    • counter Technical Specifications port capacity and the number of different specifications ships and identify qualities and characteristics according to the energy and ports as well as the rates of charge and discharge , and provide the relevant bodies by the state .

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MEMO of Understanding for CO-OP in the field of maritime transport between Egypt & Arab countries!

Ports in the Gulf of Aden


Signature Year 2007

Port of Tartus


Signature Year 2007

Sudanese Port Authority


Signature Year 2007

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