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Services Provided by the Red Sea Port Authority

Port Services

Maintenance and Establishment of Docks.

Nautical Services

the authority provides tug & guidance services for all incoming vessels .


Log-on Smart Port Solution System

Electronic Payment

Via Internet and online Electronic Card Coupons

Technical Support

Maintenance of the system and updated by modifications required by the Administration

Other Services

Provide the necessary services for passengers and tourists from stations accessible and equipped with basic needs.

Why do u need our services

- offers Premium Services Authority -

aim to facilitate operations within the port community .

the Authority to issue the necessary licenses for companies and individuals based activities related to maritime transport ( except maritime agency ) . .

Authority shall provide the necessary services for passengers and tourists from Eat arrival and equipped with basic needs ( cafeterias - toilets - Offices Contacts - Copiers - Points medical etc. .. )

Authority shall provide extension services and the country for all types of vessels calling them .

The Commission shall establish and maintain docks and processing and to provide the necessary services to receive travel and passenger ships , cargo, container ships and marine services .

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  Suez, Port Tawifk

  Phone: +2-062-3190731 / +2-062-3191116

 Fax: 2-062-3191117 / +2-062-3190513